Prayer Chain


Prayers for Annual Conference on June 28-July 2 at Grand Rapids, MI.
Carol Schweitzer – has had to go to the Lutheran Home temporarily for some physical therapy du to some falls. Harold is still at home and is able to get around. Please pray for both of them in this trying time.
Chris & Ethel’s daughter  – needs prayers.
Praises!  Betty Koch – is the great grandmother of twins. She now has 5 Praises!
David Istanich – is close to completing “fire” school.  Praises!
Phil’s mother – was in the hospital but got home this week.  Pray for them both.
Robin, Chris’ friend – needs prayers.
Betty Campbell’s  – brother is terminal. Please pray for him. Her sister just passed away. Please pray for the family and friends.
Alexander Maldet – Needed to have his arm reset  again due to his fall. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
Tommi, Janet’s daughter – continues to need prayers.
Gary & Peggy’s good friend, Jim Hartnett – needs prayers. He is waiting for a liver transplant in June.
Pray for the Agape Farm & Pastor Gary – in preparation of Creation 2017.
Chris & Ethel’s grandson, Keagan –   is doing better.  Continue prayers.

Please pray for our church’s direction.
Pray for our country and its people and our new  leaders.
Prayers for all those in Nursing Homes, Hospice, and also for their caregivers
Pray for Missionaries & Soldiers who have dedicated their lives for all of us.
Please pray for the safety of our country and those in authority who are making the decisions to do that.

Church Birthdays:

June Birthdays: 05- Nancy Myers 06- Ethel Sciullo 10- Joan Ailes          

To be put on the prayer list please contact the Church Office: (814) 255-2154